UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year

Our vision at Teasel Nursery School-on-the-Marina is:









We acheive this through our Teasel philosophy and values:


- a home-from-home environment;


- high quality, multi-sensory experiences and ecological resources;


- high-quality, respectful and sensitive adult-child interactions;


- regular experiences in the local woodlands, nature reserve and community;


- high aspirations and expectations for our Teasel family: children, parents, staff

  and community members;


- high outcomes for all our children assured by accurate assessments, progress

  tracking, and resultant high qualitiy strategies incorporated for growth,

  continued development and progress;


- engagement with our parents to support their children's home-learning



- engagement with our parents and our wider community to understand their  

  distinct and varied life journeys and work together to support their children's

  own learning journeys.


























"Children, families and communities will have a sense of well-being, vibrancy and a zest for life and learning. They will be fulfilling their optimum levels on an individual, collective, and own unique basis, be outstanding in their own way, have positive outcomes; and in turn give back to their community

(locally, nationally or globally)."


Our Vision and Values