UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year


Our Ethos

Who We Are



- are a nursery with a clear and uncompromising vision, philosophy, ethos and



- have high expectations and aspirations of ourselves, our children, families and

 communities that we serve;


- are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching experiences;


- are committed to the positive outcomes for all our children, parents, staff

  (paid, volunteers and students) and communities that we serve;


- continously strive for self-improvement and for the improvement of others;


- are committed to 'well-being through relationships' at all levels;


- are committed to the promotion and development of leadership at all levels;


- engage in open, honest and truthful conversations as part of our quest for

  individual and collective improvement of ourselves, our children, our adults

  (parents, staff and visitors), and our families and communities that we serve.