UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year

Our practice at Teasel Nursery School-on-the-Marina is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS).  We use this as a basis to ensure that we are consistently providing high quality childcare, learning and development for our children though our provision, policies and staff training and by monitoring the development of your child.


Our curriculum and your child





In addition to regularly monitoring your child's progress, we promote a continuous learning cuture at Teasel Nursery School, with:

- Five annual staff inset training days to maintain our high quality provision

- Staff are encouraged to work towards further accreditation

- Regular in-house staff training led by experienced Early Years Consultants











As a child's life is shaped by their early experiences, it is vital that we provide rich and holistic experiences at Teasel Nursery School on-the-Marina.  As echoed in Teasel Nursery School's vision, the EYFS framework aims to result in safe, healthy children, with improved outcomes and making a positive contribution in the community.  There are 4 key and interconnected foci of the framework, aiming to promote:


A unique child - a child who is constantly learning, resilient, capable and a self-assured and confident learner;


Positive relationships - to foster strength and independence, including the critical relationships formed between your child and their "keyperson";


Enabling environments - surroundings play a key role in learning, and our wonderful natural location and forest school experiences at Teasel Nursery School on-the-Marina are key to extending your childs development;


Learning and development - acknowledging that children develop in different ways and at different rates across the prime and specific areas of learning - with our experiences fostering the characteristics of effective learning.