UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year



If you're interested in your child joining our Teasel family, contact us to arrange a one-to-one guided tour with your child.




Joining our Family

Guided Tours, Brochure and Fees

Visit us to receive a guided tour and a copy of our brochure.



Registration forms can be requested at your visit.

After completing a registration form, you will be contacted to let you know an approximate start date for your child, based on your preferences and our availability.



Your child's transition from home to Teasel Nursery School-on-the-Marina is an important one. Therefore, your child's key person will conduct a home visit and will tailor your child's first days at Teasel around their individual needs.



Free Early Education Entitilement places are available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds at Teasel Nursery School.  A funded place can be provided for up to 15 hours of free education a week for up to 38 weeks a year (a maximum of 570 hours a year).  To find out more, please phone the Hillingdon Families Information Service on 0800 073 4800 (option 3).


Child Tax Credits are for families with one or more children, and are based on the total household income. You do not have to be working to claim Child Tax Credit.  However, you may be able to claim Child Tax Credit to help with the cost of looking after your children.


Childcare Element of Working Tax Credits may also provide financial assistance to working parents. If eligible, you can claim up to 70% of your childcare costs, up to a maximum of £175 per week for one child and £300 per week for two or more children.


To find out more, please phone the Tax Credit Helpline on 0845 300 3900, browse www.hmrc.gov.uk or use the online calcluator: www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/tax-credits .