UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year

For this age phase, ready to explore the world through movement and investigate the multitude of ways to do things we offer a space equipped with continuous opportunities for expressive arts and design, sand and water, safe natural resoures to build and create and with easy access to the garden.


At our heart is a belief in relaxed, natural learning at each childs unique pace, with opportunities to promote thinking, problem-solving, interaction, risk-taking, relationship-building and sustaining, and challenge.

Welcome to our home

Birth -2 years Home


"Curious Discoverers"

Readliy resourced with natural objects and gentle materials, our "curious discoverers" home is designed to enable safe experimetation, secure comforting spaces and soft textures for relaxed development. It features an integrated sleeping area, comfortable seating and cushions for one-to-one interaction and group storytimes with beautiful calming views of the marina.


2-3 years Home

"Exploring Investigators"

Creative Thinking Spaces

3-5 years Home


As well as regular free access to areas for art and design and to the garden,  we have a home corner with real life objects to enable our children to learn how to manipulate everyday materials and resources to spark their imagination.

View our outdoor spaces

Teasel Nursery occupies a spacious two-storey waterside building, featuring two secure, fully equipped, modern open plan spaces. These are subdivided by age group and smaller rooms dedicated to ongoing expressive arts and design and learning and thinking areas.


We also offer ample parking, a parents' lounge and facilities, a secure garden. We have immediate access to WillowTree Marina's woodlands and nature reserve to enable our children to make use of the beautiful outdoor surroundings each day.





"Creative Problem-Solvers"