UK Nursery Enabling Environment of the Year

"....My day with you has stayed with me. I got such a lot out of it. I was especially struck by the importance you gave to connection. It is so vital and something easily forgotten or undervalued. 

I have been thinking alot about risk-taking too. At the end of last term, two of my four year old girls made a staircase with large milk crates outside...One of the girls stood at the top and the crates began to wobble...I resisted the urge to run over and walked calmly instead and....asked her to come down so we could look at it together. I showed her the wobbling we had seen and all we deduced was that it was because of the tree stump. I walked away to oserve what they would do next and they independently chose to take the milk crates down and one girl brushed some wet leaves off the stump. They then rebuilt it on the trunk and carried on climbing up and down. This was a powerful experience for me and I know my day with you gave me the courage to stand back and allow it to unfold the way it did. I am very grateful for this."

Caroline - attended our Professional Development Day in 2014

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Professional Development Day



"I have been thinking a lot about risk taking...", Caroline

"....Thank you for an excellent professional development day.

It was a real pleasure to see how well your vision, philosophy and passion for learning have come together in this stimulating, safe, calm, enabling environment...."

Opal attended our Professional Development Day in June 2014